Who’s a good boy?

Kou and Ren on my mind, and lilibruised for the titles and puns she’s been sending.


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get this knitted long sleeve sweater on rosewholesale for only $12.40 !!

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im too nervous to ask people for help in a store i never ask for help ever


we’re all better and gayer people than we used to be 

what do you need to find for you mom? you could ask one of the people working there?

black peppers and yeah but im too nervous too and one cashier did help me but she just said aisle 1 and aisle 1 is a very big aisle so i just kept walking around while ppl were looking at me like wtf is that kid dumb but i finally found it so im good!! my mom didnt even care that i was gone for so long it was my dad that freaked out

If you want a jacket for Kou, look for a black school blazer

omg thank you!!!

im literally about to cry because ive been in the supermarket for like 30 minutes because my mom sent me to get ONE thing and i cant find it anywhere and my mom will get so pissed if i go home without it so i cant leave until i find it. please help me

if you want i can find cheap cosplay for you like i did for tsumiki and kou but their outfits cant be complicated